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Lawn Maintenance

Lawn care service & maintenance in Mansfield, TX & Tarrant County. Quality lawn professionals & affordable rates.


Lawn Maintenance in Mansfield, TX | Fort Worth, TX & Tarrant County Lawn Care Service

Lawn Care Service & Maintenance

Like most Tarrant County, TX homeowners, you probably have a busy lifestyle that leaves little time for lawn care. Regular lawn care and maintenance takes time and effort and requires an all year commitment to keep a well maintained lawn. Hiring Green Surface Lawn Care will handle all of your professional lawn maintenance needs in Mansfield, TX and the surrounding areas for a beautiful lawn.

Lawn maintenance is an overwhelming task for most homeowners in the Mansfield area. If the lawn is small or large, keeping grass, plants, shrubs and trees healthy and green takes knowledge and experience in plant care and maintenance procedures. Green Surface Lawn Care professional lawn maintenance in Tarrant County provides numerous benefits that other lawn care services just can not match.

Regular Lawn Services

One of the biggest advantages of Green Surface Lawn Care lawn maintenance is the consistency of regular services. When you hire our reputable landscape company to provide professional lawn maintenance, you can be sure that our lawn care services will be regular and prompt. We will come to your home or business on a weekly basis and will take care of your lawn care and maintenance needs as scheduled per your contract agreement terms.

Regular lawn care and maintenance services usually include:

  • Weekly lawn mowing
  • Weeding
  • Border edging for driveways, walkways and patio areas
  • Cleaning of driveways, walkways and patio areas
  • Spring yard cleanup to remove dead winter growth and debris
  • Fall yard cleanup to remove summer debris and prepare for winter
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A Healthier Lawn

Smaller lawn care companies in Tarrant County, TX usually include basic care like mowing and watering, but a healthy lawn requires much more. Keeping your lawn healthy and green year-round requires attention to landscape details that can signal potential problems. Quality lawn care requires knowledge and skill about proper mowing techniques, soil types, plant growth patterns, climate and light conditions, feeding and pruning schedules and proper lawn care products for your existing lawn and landscape conditions. Green Surface Lawn Care has educational backgrounds in landscape architecture and horticulture, so our knowledge and experience in lawn and plant care is quite diverse.

Curb Appeal

Your lawn and landscape has a big impact on your Mansfield, TX home’s appearance and curb appeal. A well maintained lawn adds beauty and character to your home, creates an inviting entrance and increases property values. A poorly maintained lawn and landscape with weeds and overgrown shrubs and trees will quickly ruin your home’s property values. If you plan to sell your Tarrant County, TX home, Green Surface Lawn Care professional lawn maintenance can create a front and back yard that attracts potential buyers and raises your home’s selling price. It will also boost sales prices in your community by adding beauty and well kept ambiance to your neighborhood. Your neighbors will appreciate your attention to professional lawn maintenance.

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